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Car in Spotlight: Nissan GT-R

In 1964, a non-remarkable Nissan 2000GT overtook a Porche 904 at the Japanese Grand Prix. Since then, every model that has been released has been faster and gives a better performance. The Nissan has been breaking the rules for decades with the Skyline GT-R series, and even though the new Nissan GT-R is not a part of the skyline series itself, this car has most of its heritage in that series. Released in 2007 this car has been thrilling its riders for the past 10 years and is still the talk of the town. This legendary car is not about the lap-time it produces or the time it takes to reach from 0 to 100, it’s not even about the price tag that’s attached to it, this car is a pure obsession. It’s so refined that anyone with a license can drive it anywhere and at any time and it delivers an exemplary performance. However, in the right hands and on the right track, this car can change the face of the automotive world. Let us see a few more features of this legendary car. Source: Exotic Cars Vegas Car And driver Features   Only five master craftsmen in the whole world are equipped and allowed to assemble the engine of the GT-R by hand, so each car carries a plaque with their name on it. Compared to the other supercars out there, it has increased horsepower and torque, a titanium exhaust system is available with it, it has an enhanced aerodynamic design and comes with an improved cooling system. The chassis of the car have been reinforced so as to improve its high-speed handling. Not only will you be going faster in this car you will also be driving smarter with its simplified cockpit that has only a few essential controls and comes with a net generation multifunctional display. There is a display commander for audio entertainment and communication. The paddle shifters have also been redesigned and are relocated in the car. This car also elevates the driving experience with its handcrafted material interior that is redesigned, the recalibrated suspension for a smoother everyday ride, and its refined titanium exhaust system with enhanced exhaust note.   Most supercars are usually driven on a perfect day on a perfect stretch of road, but the team of Nissan believes that one should experience this thrill every day and the Nissan GT-R is designed and built to deliver just this. It can be driven by any driver, at any time and on any sort of road. At the heart of the Nissan GT-R is a 570ps 3.8L V6 engine.

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Best Places to See in LA while Driving Exotic Cars

Not everyone can afford the supercar of their dreams but then that’s what rental cars are for. Whether it's a short weekend away, longer holiday or you live in LA and rented out the exotic car that has been haunting your dreams for a special occasion, you don’t want it just sitting in the driveway for all to ogle at. You want to get the thrill of driving it and LA is the place you want to be in while driving these cars. The following places will make you wish you had the car for longer so that you could explore each location to the fullest.   Malibu (Malibu, CA)   The Pacific Coast Highway is a gorgeous paved stretch of road that wraps along the winding coastline of mesmerizing Southern California between Santa Monica and Ventura.   Mulholland Drive (Malibu, CA to Los Angeles, CA)   This 55-mile long drive is so famous that there's a film named after it. This scenic drive can exceed the driver's expectations in both its beauty and also when it comes to fear with the zig zag roads up and down the windy cliffside through the canyons. It is recommended to make this drive only during the day and get back before it is dark. Some areas also contain a few bumps which may not be ideal for very low profile exotic cars.   Palos Verdes Peninsula (Rancho Palos Verdes, CA) Wrapping along the stunning cliffs that are present around the Palos Verdes peninsula between San Pedro and Redondo Beach, on this road you’ll drive past beautiful cliff-side estates, the Korean Friendship Bell and the gorgeous Wayfarer’s Chapel, to name just a few spots on the list. There are a number of turns where you can stop and just immerse yourself in what nature has to offer.   Sunset Boulevard (Malibu, CA to Hollywood, CA) This famous strip is home to world famous celebrities, the glamour and action alone makes it worthwhile for those who are not in it to see the stars. Sunset Boulevard includes twisty and winding turns that enhance the experience of driving. Starting from PCH, Malibu to Hollywood's Figueroa Street, this is 22 miles of pure fun that you can enjoy both during daytime and nighttime. Sunset Blvd zig zags through the Santa Monica mountains and is best driven during the day, but can also be enjoyed at night.   Rodeo Drive (Beverly Hills, CA) The Rodeo Drive houses a 4-block stretch of road that ranges just north of Wilshire Boulevard through to the south of Santa Monica Blvd. It is known for the

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